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Parker Scott

Library Project

This collection of work was part of an overarching project to create themed materials for a library's youth section.
I wanted to simulate client work by tailoring this project to a real-world location. The beaver, whose name is Oakey, was the first character I designed, eventually leading me to make him the main mascot.

I'm excited to announce that one of my illustrations is now on permanent display at the Troy Public Library!


I first contacted the TPL to share my college thesis in early 2023, to which the library responded with a proposal to install one of my illustrations in their youth section. The resulting acrylic print is eight feet long and overlooks the children's play area. I can't thank the TPL staff enough for this incredible opportunity—they did a fantastic job with the installation, and I'm tremendously honored to contribute my work to their space.

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Sci-Fi Visual Development

This series of illustrations is part of an ongoing world-building project of mine.

Earth is under the supervision of a mysterious alien force intent on shepherding humanity's future. While world governments find these motives dubious at best, their newfound allies seem eager to forge a long-lasting peace that will set humans on the path to a brighter tomorrow. 

While many are convinced they bear no ill intent, it's hardly enough to quell the looming fears of a hostile takeover.
The question is, what's taking so long?

Visual Development

A collection of different artworks geared towards visual development.